Mattress Warranty Request Form

Mattress Warranty Request Form

1. Complete the Warranty Claim Request. Be sure to include the required photos.

2. If you have an impression please be sure to include a photo. Measure the impression in an area where there is no stitching by placing a straight edge across the area and using a ruler to measure the depth of the impression on top of the quilting. Take a photo of the measurement.
Other Photos to include:
*Overview Top Shot
*Side View
*Any Affected Area
*Law Tag has numbers that will need to be recorded on the Request Form. Please Review

3. Include a copy of your sales receipt.

4. Please note that delivery or pick-up is not included in the warranty. Please read your warranty card coverage for further details.

5. Foundations with warranty issues are highly unlikely. Be sure your mattress and foundation are sitting correctly in the frame

Warranties do not cover comfort issues. They are designed to protect the consumer from manufacturing defects.